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Convert any HTML, CSS and JavaScript
to fully detailed Figma designs.

Representation of a data workflow from different sources as icons going through icon and flowing into a window of Figma

From ChatGPT to Figma without all the work

Use your prompts to generate HTML from OpenAI or other generative AIs. then takes care of the transformation to design, bridging the gap between the power of AI and Figma.

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Convert any website into fully editable Figma designs. Leverage an existing website and import into Figma to start your own designs, without building each element from scratch.

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Generate and sync a full Figma library from Storybook. Keep your Figma components up to date with code in a single click.

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used by 350,000+ people

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Instantly transform your code snippets into fully editable Figma designs.

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Start your own Figma plugin and use to automate design creation.

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Conversion API

Our API servers convert any HTML, CSS and JavaScript content in seconds with content, assets, images, fonts, etc... Ready to be consumed by our SDK.
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JavaScript SDK

Production-grade SDK for you to use in your own plugin, to process the result of our Conversion API.
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Automate design creation

And shift your Figma plugin into second gear.


What users are saying about technology

I couldn’t live without this. What an amazing extension!

a nice person
Melissa Hermes

This is a game changer

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@brightadoniz_ is godsend

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Jackson Yew

Been looking for something like that for ages!

a nice person
Adrian Raath

I want everyone to know this plugin is extremely useful and well built. any web-based application can now down assessed in minutes! Think about the time you are saving by allowing designers (UX and UI) to breakdown what is being built and how the development team decided to build it that way.

a nice person
Art Garcia